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Our Top Recommendation
Writing Internet Sales Web Copy

Writing Internet Web Copy is a professional pursuit which leaves many an amateur scratching their heads about the ineffectiveness of their communication. Web Copy - Create Internet Sales Copy for Any Product, Service, E Commerce Web site is a supreme piece of software from Digitalmind. Interactivity, stickiness and easily digestable content is what your visitors are looking for and this tool takes the headache out of the process.

Also Recommended
The Complete Guide to Article Writing

An invaluable resource for anyone wanting to master the art of article writing. This is an informative and engaging book well suited to beginners and professionals alike. Naveed Saleh is an accomplished freelance medical writer and editor and he brings his strong skill set to bear in breaking down the art of writing into easily understood and practiced components. A must have tool!

Also Recommended
Easy Article Templates

Article writing success made easy! In the online world content is king and well written, engaging content even more so. This is an excellent How-To guide and gives both valuable insight as well as valuable information on becoming a subject matter expert in your chosen niche. Another recommended tool for your writing toolbox.

Also Recommended
Handbook of Magazine Article Writing

This is a reader's favourite guide to writing and selling magazine articles. It is a comprehensive and practical guide that will answer all of your questions on becoming a professional magazine author. This book is really jam packed with useful information from general tips to indepth analysis of making a career as a magazine writer. You won't regret having this resource in your library!

Also Recommended
500 Social Media Marketing Tips

This is a one of kind resource that anyone serious about success in the social media marketplace needs on their shelf. Andrew Macarthy's tome is an indepth exploration of the social media space and what is required to thrive in it. There is material in there that our own social media experts hadn't even thought of. Whether you are a seasoned vet or a brand newbie you will take away valuable information and tips from your time with this book!

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