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If you have writing skills and you are looking for a way in which you can expand your writing skills to give you another avenue in which you can earn more money, you might want to consider adding restaurant reviews to your writing resume. There probably isn't a single person that doesn't like to eat and there are many different publications that would be more than willing to pay some good money for a good professional review on a restaurant. If you think this is something that you might want to start doing, read further to find out how to write a good professional review on a restaurant.

The first rule of thumb is that when you pick a restaurant that you want to review, you should go to it at least two times before you consider writing the review. You might want to first try during the week and then again on a weekend. This will give you different viewpoints with regards to the atmosphere and the service quality during different times of the week. You also will want to try and make sure your visits will cover both the lunch and dinner menus so you can have a better feel for the food and quality of the food.

When you are at the restaurant make sure to take note of the atmosphere, the decoration and the level of the service that you get from all the employees that you have contact with. This means from the host or hostess to the manager if you happen to come in contact with them.

You also need to make sure that you take not of the customers as well. This will give you an idea of where the clients might come from. It will help you see if the restaurant seems to draw families, tourists, seniors, college crowd, etc. You can also figure out what the average dress code seems to be as well.

When it's time to order make sure that you try your best to order one thing from each course, if at all possible. In other words, try an item from the appetizer menu all the way through to an item from their dessert menu. This will give you a broader experience of what they have to offer and will make your review a lot more complete. Also when you are looking at the menu see if they happen to have a website. If they do, you can use this later as further research for your review.

When you are eating the food make sure that you concentrate on the different textures of the food, the different flavors and how the food is presented on the plates. The most important part of your review is the food itself and it's quality.

As soon as you get home you should begin to write the review. If you do it as soon as you can it will make it easier for you to be able to remember all of the things you observed while you were dining. The fresher it is in your mind the far better review you will be able to write.

You should try and organize your review into different categories. Those categories should include at least the following:

  • Atmosphere
  • Service quality
  • Food quality
  • Price
  • Type of customers
  • Type of dress code
When you have finished that you should write 50 to 100 words for any of the categories that you actually reviewed while at the restaurant. Probably the best way for you to make sure that it flows well is to write it as if you were sitting down and talking to a friend and letting them know how the dining experience was. When you are writing your review remember that the readers want an honest review and one that is easy for them to understand.

Note: When you do a review make sure that you don't tell anyone who is working there. This could change the entire way in which the service is delivered and this could taint your review.

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