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How To Write a Great Article Using Great Keywords

If you are going to be writing articles for blogs or web content then it's important that you understand that you need to have keywords that are relevant to the subject matter. This can be sort of confusing for many writers who write for online sites. However, if you know how to do it, then you will be able to target the kind of traffic that you want to come and read your articles.

Here you will find a few tips on how you can write your article and include the keywords you need to drive traffic to the site. You can do this without losing what the article is about as well. There are some that will over saturate their articles with keywords and sometimes in doing that you also take away from the article. So you need to have a nice balance in order to get people there and to still make sense. In fact if you over saturate your article with keywords it's called Black Hat or basically spamming the article.

One of the things you can do to help you figure out what keywords you should use is to do research on Google trends. This will help you find information on choosing a good topic to write about, one that seems to be popular on the Internet at the time. From thee you can check out the Google tools and it will help you to find keywords that are related to the topic you are going to be writing about.

Never try and stuff your article with words that you think is going to get your article ranked highly on a search engine. What you need to do is write like you always do, to the audience. It's their attention that you want, not the search engines. You want the information and conversation to flow towards your readers and not Google Search.

You should take your main keyword that relates to the topic and place it somewhere in your first paragraph and then again in your last paragraph if you can. You can also place a keyword in some of the other paragraphs as long as you don't look like you are forcing it into the content. For example if your article is only 300 words long you shouldn't use the keyword or keywords more than 3 or 4 times in the entire article and this already includes the first and last paragraph and one in your title.

The most important thing is that the article that engulfs the keywords need to be friendly for the reader and it needs to be filled with useful and needed information. The more useful your information is the better your ranking will actually be. It's not necessarily the keywords that always help the ranking it's what is contained within the article that is most important.

Note: You can also use a keyword phrase instead of keywords and this too can be picked up by a search engine.

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